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Please donate and help us keep our dogs safe.

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Buy a square on our Supporter Wall and help a dog.

  • £5 will feed a dog for a day.
  • £10 will help towards vet fees.
  • £15 will sponsor a kennel space.
  • £20 will spay/neuter a dog.

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Sweet Charity

We are pleased to announce that the lovely Harpers Bizarre are supporting us with a unique candle, especially made in aid of Our Friends Dog Rescue. The candle is 100% soya based, not tested on animals and smells beautiful! It is called Sweet Charity and Victoria who makes them is offering a very good deal of £8 per candle or 3 candles for £20. Victoria is donating £4 from the sale of each candle directly to Our Friends. The candle is in a beautiful tin, burns for approx 25 hours and the design is hand drawn and a Christmas design will also be available. Please take a look at the website and place your order to help our dogs. Thank you.

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Welcome to Prietenii Nostri 'Our Friends' Dog Rescue


We rescue dogs from the streets, the killing pound and from abusive situations. Every dog that comes into our care is spayed/neutered, vaccinated and fed daily. We work hard to achieve the possibility of a decent life for each of our dogs, providing much needed emotional support to rebuild their trust. When first admitted to the shelter dogs are generally extremely malnourished and often in need of urgent veterniary care. We ensure that this is provided and that each dogs individual needs are met.

Thanks to the generous donations of kind supporters Prietenii Nostri 'Our Friends' Dog Rescue now owns its own piece of land and work has begun on our new shelter. The land  is ours and construction is well under way but not yet complete, we continue to struggle to raise sufficient funds to complete the build and so our dogs do not yet have the total security we so desperately crave for them!


Please help us by spreading the word! Cross posting on facebook and posting links direct to our donate page! Our dogs need your help today!


UPDATE 15/08/2013

Great News! There have been important developments within the Municipality of Slatina. Slatina has a new mayor who, unlike his predecessor, is allowing a programme to encourage the neutering of owned dogs! What this means for Prietenii Nostri is that the very important work of neutering owned dogs and thus preventing the births of many unwanted litters of puppies can take place within Slatina. These unwanted births all too often lead to more dogs becoming homeless on the streets, adding to the overpopulation problem.

There is no funding for this work and Gratiela Ristea will rely heavily upon the donated services of German vets to carry out the scheme, however 'moral support' has been promised from the Mayors office. Whilst this does nothing to help our own dogs who remain under constant threat until our new shelter is completed, it does open up a world of possibility in the form of education via schools and out in the community, with Prietenii Nostri's efforts supported rather than ridiculed!

We applaud Gratiela's tenacity and single minded focus upon her long term goal and we promise to continue to work hard, to raise the necessary funds to complete the build of the new shelter that lies outside of this municipality! We hope YOU, our supporters, will continue to help with donations, every penny will make a difference!









Our Friends Need On Going Support!

Our Friends are so grateful to all of you who have shown your support for our cause. Paul O'Grady, Dave Spikey and other celebrities have also each played their part. The horrors in Romania do not stop and our need for funds is on going. We urgently need current supporters to spread the word and encourage new funding for our cause. Please help us to ensure the work that Teodora so valiantly began in 2005 continues. We can't do it without you!

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Buy Greetings Cards Featuring Our Rescue Dogs

Another way to help raise urgently needed funds for Our Friends Dog Rescue is by purchasing greetings cards featuring the adorable dogs the rescue has helped. At least 30% of the money received for each card will be donated to the rescue. See the cards here

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